Secure Shredding & Destruction Services

"Shredding is a task. Secure shredding is a process". This what makes us different from many outsourced disposal services you can find.

Why Us?

Docu Arch has been in the Secure Shredding & Destruction Services for more than 15 years. We’ve experienced in managing and disposing sensitive data like Patient’s Medical Record, Product’s Specification, Banking Information, Account Billings and many more. Besides, we’re also the most trusted company in this line of service.

Shredding Security Level

P4 cross-cut shredding level. Meeting most sector's document and data shredding policy. Optimal shredded size of 4 x 40mm.

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Multiple Disposal Location

Shredded data is disposed and destruct at multiple private location. Keeping those private location only made known to limited individuals.

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Certification Of Destruction

Every shredded and destructed data is provided with certification and report endorsing the item is securely disposed, providing ease disposal.

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What Our Services Covered

Secure Shredding & Destruction Services

What About Security?

Document’s security is the utmost important criteria in our service’s policy. Both includes the Pre- and Post- shredding task. Our policy ensures that data would not leaked outside of services premise and anywhere accessible.

Docu Arch Document Security

Where To Shred?

We provide on-site and off-site shredding. Worry not, both are covered with the same shredding policy to ensure it’s security. Besides, all security equipment are installed on shredding location to ensure security and prevents vulnerabilities.

Docu Arch On Site Off Site Location

Who We Serve?

Literally anyone! From companies, hospitals, universities, students and personal documents. We keep all data and information secured regardless who you are.

Docu Arch Shredding Services For companies hospitals universities students and personal documents
Docu Arch Shredding Services Charges

How The Charges Look Like?

As low as RM 2.50*/kg. We only weigh after shredding which would reduce the unnecessary amount of items contain in it. (Clips, Binders, Pins & etc).

*Contact us for terms and conditions.

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