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What We Offer..

Document scanning services is most handful in assisting you to ‘archive’ the documents physically by converting them into an easier manageable assets. We scan them! Turning documents into soft copy is not something out of the wild to the market, but doing it correctly and making sure each and every small details in the documents is captured, is!


Our scanning team is ready to assist you in turning your documents into soft copy, whether onsite or offsite depending on your organization’s policy. The exclusive scanning process that we developed ensure that our final product is delivered with the best quality to meet your requirements.


We assist in converting most type of documents for your need. Ranging from Medical Records, ISO Documents, Procurement, Account, Engineering, Human Resources, Production and etc.


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Sneak Preview Of Our Scanning Processes

High Speed Scanners

We use one of the best production scanner to help you convert your images. Guaranteed high quality images and delivering the best result. The ability to produce more than 15,000 images a day ensure the project is delivered on time.

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Docu Arch Scanning Services Team

Professionally Trained & Experienced Team

Our team is highly trained to understand your documents and make the best out of the result during the production. Many of them experienced turning documents into high quality images, varies from different sectors to fulfill your requirements and expectations.


The lowest priced and document scanning services you can possibly find near you. Our service covers not only scanning and conversion jobs, but includes time to time free consultation to ensure you’re aware of everything that is behind the curtain during production. Besides, we add value to our services too!

Affordable Cheap Scanning Services

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