PORTZO Porter Management Solution


PORTZO Porter Management Solution

High turn around time moving patients from one place to another? Dropped KPI in patient waiting time pending to be transported? Insufficient staff to handle those task? Worry not with our solution!

PORTZO Porter Management Solution is an award-winning, innovative and unique solution to improve porter efficiency and reduce nurse’s waiting time and is one of it’s kind solution that are based on both the technology of hardware and software targeting Hospitals to minimize man power while increasing the KPI rate. Utilizing the premises Access Points (AP) as heatmap for the nearest available porter to carry out task, the solution seamlessly decreases the patient waiting time to be transfer from one point to another.

70% Lesser Waiting Time

Track movement and Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) of porter to assigned destination

Monitor Porter’s Movement

Live monitoring of clocked in porter at all location within the Access Point (AP) coverage and their movements

Increase Efficiency

Lesser waiting time for patients automatically increases the KPI for every porter and nurses

Real Time Location Tracking

No more staff slacking. PORTZO track each and every movement of the porter, making sure each resources are utilized fully.

Porter Real Time Location
Portzo Site-Port-Cat

Detailed Reporting

Get more of the logs to manage resources wiser without overlooking each and every detail within the reports provided

Personalized Tags

Each porter is assigned with a unique tag to track location and idling time, for the system to automatically assign task.

Portzo Tag