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GloboCare Medical Record Management System

Patients waited too long in queue for their medical records? Slow retrieval of documents
and notes? Not with GloboCare MRMS. Store medical records electronically and get your
doctors to consult patients almost immediately.
First Step To Manage Your Medical RecordFirst Step To Manage Your Medical Record

Scanning & Digitization Services

Document scanning maximize your Return On Investment (ROI)

and save up spaces that are valuable for you!

Let Us Digitize Your Hard Copy DocumentsLet Us Digitize Your Hard Copy Documents

Secure Shredding & Destruction Services

Shred, Destruct and Dispose your documents securely without the fear of data leakage.
Let Us Clear Up Your Space Let Us Clear Up Your Space


Porter Management System

Difficult to assign task to porters? Hard to reach porters when needed? Assign them efficiently with dexGo
Manage Your Porters Today!Manage Your Porters Today!

The ‘Grab’ For Hospital Porter

Implement Grab in your hospital.
Reach to your nearest porter and let patient wait lesser.

Globodox Document Management System with Approval Engine

Get your document approved electronically, while maintaining the integrity of the document.
Perform signature, stamps and update documents versioning without any hassle.
Let’s Securely Manage Your DocumentsLet’s Securely Manage Your Documents

Paperless Vitals Taking & Monitoring

Reduce workload and error rate.
View patient's vital at your own comfortable clinics.
Go Smart Vital SignGo Smart Vital Sign

Logicaldoc Engineering Drawing Management System

Start Manage Your Engineering DrawingsStart Manage Your Engineering Drawings

Simon Chew

Managing Director / Consultant

Mr. Simon Chew is the Managing Director of Docu Arch Sdn Bhd. He graduated from Deakin University, Australia, major in Computer Studies and System Analysis.He founded Docu Arch, a prestigious Document Management Solution Company focuses in Data Analysis in year 2005. With his exemplary leadership, he also founded our very own GloboCare System development team and document scanning team with unique process workflow to assure excellent deliverable. He has 15 years experience on Document Scanning, Document Management System, Data Analysis, Team Management on various environments, such as Healthcare, Supply Chain and distribution, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Educational, Banking Sectors and Government.

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