Vital Signs Taking & Monitoring Go Paperless

Smart Vital Sign Monitors (Smart VSM) enables transfer of vital signs from a patient monitor at bedside either via WIFI or a gateway to the nursing station. The nurse scans patient wristband’s barcode to capture patient ID, take vitals as required and upload the data to the server for viewing on a dashboard. It frees the nursing team from recording down patient’s vital signs on paper or entering into a Computer On Wheel (COW). This improves efficiency, reduces potential vital signs recording errors and allow nurses to spend more quality time with patients.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor patient’s vitals remotely from your own comfortable clinics, while maintaining your own pace.

Dashboard Panel

Multiple patient’s vital signs in a dashboard view. Promotes easier multi tasking than ever before.

Automated Process

Reduce nurse’s workload by spending lesser time at ward taking vitals for each and every patient.

Two Step Vital Taking

Scan MRN then take vitals. It is as simple as that. Eliminating the traditional method of recording vitals on papers promotes nurse's efficiency. Data collected is automatically sent to the database which is then be shown to physician on the application.

Secured Data Exchange

Smart Vital Sign Monitors enables integration with your HIS seamlessly, with the highest standard of HL7 FHIR - standard describing data formats and elements and an application programming interface for exchanging electronic health records.

Secure Data Exchange HL7 & FHIR Vital Sign

5 Major Vitals Monitoring

Device's ability to measure for ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Ear Temperature and Blood Glucose, provide higher rate of mobility, all in a compact yet powerful device.

Vital Sign TD-2300
Vital Sign Dashboard

One Glance Dashboard View

Monitoring multiple patients at the same time? No longer an issue rounding the wards when you can view the entire patient info in one page, differentiated by color coding on the patient's card to highlight case severity.