E-Form & Digital Approval

Why Techportals?

Built based on requirements from our existing clients

Configure your own E-Form at no additional cost
Approval Flow

Get approvals completed without leaving your desk
Expiry Reminder

Get notified for expiring documents and update them easily
Unlimited Documents

No limit for numbers of record and document to store

The Powerful Features

Techportals is an application, developed based on the ideas and requirements from our customers. The feature packed application is one of the customer’s choice that enable easy approval and managing forms, electronically.


Electronic Forms
  • Design Your Own Form
  • Unlimited Metadata
  • Digital Signature
  • Table & Tab Data Input


  • Unlimited Level Approval
  • Drag & Drop Design
  • Multiple Approvers On Same Level
  • Approval Notification
  • Supports Most Common File Extension
  • Unlimited Number Of Documents
  • Watermark On Documents
  • User Permission Control
  • Record Permission By User
  • Feature Control

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