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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is GloboCare MRMS?

GloboCare MRMS is a record management system which allows user to store patient’s metadata, visits and clinical documents. It can work as a transition module between Electronic Medical Record go live, or it can be a stand alone application which integrates with your existing HIS to allow automation.

Why you need GloboCare?

We understand the problem in most hospitals because we are a patient our self. GloboCare allows ZERO record retrieving time and folder transit time. With this reduction and the ability to immediate view patient’s file at consultant’s office, it is the main point that why consultants love our application.

What platform does GloboCare support?

GloboCare is a full web-based application which can be hosted on the cloud, or on premise. Your call.

What database is supported?

For the best performance during production, Microsoft’s SQL is in used.

How many user can i create?

Unlimited. Create as many user as you need. No additional charges apply.

How many patient's RN can i add?

Unlimited. There will not be any limit on the adding of patient records. The only thing matter is your storage.

How many patient's document can I add?

Unlimited. There will not be any limit on the adding of patient documents. The only thing matter is your storage.

With which Hospital Information System can GloboCare integrate?

We’re are integration-ready with most of the Hospital Information System vendor in Malaysia and Brunei.

How tight is the security in GloboCare?

GloboCare offers multi layer security, including individual permission control. To understand further on the security layer, contact us here

What license model is offered?

We offer three model of license; Server License, Concurrent License and Named User License. Depending on your required number of license, we will consult you for the suitable license.

How much does GloboCare license cost?

Please contact us on licensing cost information.

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