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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Globodox?

Globodox is a Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS) which is used to store documents in soft copy format and keep track on all changes that has been made on the document, including approval task that has been routed.

Which platform does Globodox support?

Globodox supports both the desktop and web client.

Can Globodox be accessed externally?

Our application can be hosted over the web, either on premise or on cloud. With such hosting, you can access to Globodox from anywhere, depending on your organization’s policy.

How many documents can Globodox store?

There is no limitation on the numbers of documents that can be stored in Globodox. Store as many as you need, as long as you have enough space on your storage.

What documents can Globodox store?

Literally any document extension, including XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PDF, JPEG, PNG, ZIP, CAD (External Module) & many more other extension.

What database need to be used?

Globodox is inbuilt with Microsoft Access Database. However, if you need to connect to production database, Globodox supports Microsoft’s SQL and Oracle’s Mysql.

How workflow benefits me and my organization?

With Globodox’s workflow, you can route documents for approval, without the need to physically hand over the document to obtain a signature. Everything is done through Globodox, including electronic signature and stamping.

What license model Globodox offer?

Globodox offers user concurrent license which come in two different functional license, the full user license and the view only license.

Do i need to sign up for yearly maintenance after implementation?

It depends on you. However, without maintenance subscription, there will not be any support provided if there are issue in the application.

How much is the license cost?

Please contact us for more information on licensing.

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